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Thursday, February 25, 2021
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Our current projects are in Ghana, West Africa:

Clinic Coming to Koleudor Ghana West Africa Coming Soon!

The facility site has been selected, the facility cleaned an upgrades and the supplies received! from the USA. Click on the link below to see whats happening!

Our latest Clinic updates are shown in the photos below. We are making progress!

Koleudor Clinic Restoration Video

  • We've instituted tutoring programs for junior high school students to help them advance to higher grades of education.
  • We support and help sustain the Father Dogli Memorial Trade School (FDMTS) in New Ayoma, offering educational programs in farming, construction, office skills and computer sciences.
  • We've aided the Adekyee grammar school in the Jasikan district of Ghana with much needed supplies and a school bus. We also raised funds for a water pump for the school which is now operational.
  • We're making plans for mentoring and education sponsorship programs for children whose families cannot afford to give them an education, and help children who work to continue their education.
  • We support communities in attaining access to clean water and sustainable food supplies.


Living conditions in Nkoranza     Berekum water supply

Above are some photos of Ghana, taken while one of our Board members was there. The image on the left shows some of the living conditions in Nkoranza; on the right, how villagers from just outside of Berekum got water for cooking, bathing, cleaning and drinking.   Read more...

Here is a link to a village called Ndasamin where we finished a bore hole. This video was taken before the drilling.

We have many more water projects still in need. Any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated. You can contact me at

 Rural Ghana, West Africa Minimize

Subsistence Farming

Agriculture provides one third of Ghana's income and employs more than half of the workforce. However, subsistence farmers are increasingly vulnerable and constitute a large percentage of the country′s poor, as do female head of households. Poverty is particularly acute and is increasing in the three northern savannah and central regions.

As a result, people live in cramped, squalid and often dangerous conditions. Extended families of eight or more people often share one room. Access to clean water and sanitation is scarce. Female head of households have even less opportunity to own property, or access to education. Leaking roofs and cracked walls are incapable of keeping out the heavy rains and houses even collapse, causing death or injury to the occupants. The dirt floors are usually infested with parasites. Such conditions not only cause poor health, but also reduce their capacity to work and escape the cycle of poverty.

This is a photo of the kitchen at the Father Dogli Memorial Trade School (FDMTS) in New Ayoma. They prepare over 300 meals a day for the students that live on campus. Many times the school has to appeal to the refugee center for leftover food because of the lack of food supply at the school and also because of the lack of finances.

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