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Thursday, October 23, 2014
 Fieldnotes... Minimize

"He defended the cause of the poor and needy, and so all went well.
Is that not what it means to know me?" declares the LORD.

Jeremiah 22:16

Welcome to International Help of Missionaries. In 2008, IHM was established on the principals and direction of missionaries who serve in developing countries. Missionaries who have given their lives to serve and help the poor, uneducated and those who lack hope for a better life.

Our goal is to supply these dedicated men and women the necessary resources to achieve their goals above and beyond their expectations and enable those less fortunate in the world to begin a new frontier of hope. Our current programs create opportunities, through education, for children and young adults to become productive, innovative and self-sustaining faith driven adults in their communities and villages. They can become beacons of light and hope for the world around them, now and into the future. International Help of Missionaries is nonsectarian and helps all people in great need throughout the world.

Our current projects are in Ghana, West Africa:

  • We've instituted tutoring programs for junior high school students to help them advance to higher grades of education.
  • We support and help sustain the Fr. Dogli Memorial Trade School in New Ayoma, offering educational programs in farming, construction, office skills and computer sciences.
  • We've aided the Adekyee grammar school in the Jasikan district of Ghana with much needed supplies and a school bus. We also raised funds for a water pump for the school which is now operational.
  • We're making plans for mentoring and education sponsorship programs for children whose families cannot afford to give them an education, and help children who work to continue their education.
  • We support communities in attaining access to clean water and sustaining food supplies.

Living conditions in Nkoranza     Berekum water

Above are some photos of Ghana, taken while one of our Board members was there. The image on the left shows some of the living conditions in Nkoranza; on the right, how villagers from just outside of Berekum got water for cooking, bathing, cleaning and drinking.   Read more...

Here is a link to a village called Ndasamin where we finished a bore hole. This video was taken before the drilling.

We have many more water projects still in need of help. Any help you can give us would be greatly appreciated. You can contact me at

 The Avega/Ave Ando Water Project Minimize

"I Was Thirsty And You Gave Me a Drink"

Mathew 25:35

IHM has delivered clean water to this area. Many of the people living in the villages were suffering from waterborne diseases. This project was brought to us by Fr. David Ahiaduvor with the support of Fr. Victor Ashiagbor.

The children of St. Margaret Parish, Middle Village, NY, along with Holy Cross High School, St. Adalbert Religious Education Program, The Guido and Helenka Pantaleoni Foundation, Concert for a Cure, From The Ground Up, Dr. Rev. Cletus Forson, Fr. Francis Perry Azah and many more private donors have helped to bring clean drinking water to the community.

Below are pictures of the community fetching water. These people suffered many diseases and illnesses from the water they gathered before the well was dug.


Below are photos of the new source of clean pure water for the community. Mrs. Dolores Voyer, of St. Margaret Parish, is celebrating with the community.





International Help of Missionaries

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Middle Village, New York 11379

call us at 1-917-273-1723

IHM is a registered 501c/3 charity. All donations are 100% tax deductible.
100% of donations are used for charitable purposes.

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