During the difficult year of 2020 as well as this year, IHM and the many villages we were able to deliver clean water to iin sipte of all the obstacles. We were able to bring clean water to 20 villages including Nigeria, Uganda and Ghana Africa over 40,000 villagers were able to finally have clean water to drink right in their communities. Saving lives and eliminating countless hours of fetching water is our goal! We also provided food distribution during the pandemic to over 15000 families.

We are very grateful to our donors for the ability to do this life saving work!

Much more needs to be done and hundreds of millions of people worldwide still suffer and die everyday from drinking contaminated water! (see picture of village of Odumase before and after pictures of the difficulty getting water). 


  • We've instituted tutoring programs for junior high school students to help them advance to higher grades of education. 
  • We support and help sustain the Father Dogli Memorial Trade School (FDMTS) in New Ayoma, offering educational programs in farming, construction, office skills and computer sciences.
  • We've aided the Adekyee grammar school in the Jasikan district of Ghana with much needed supplies and a school bus. We also raised funds for a water pump for the school which is now operational.
  • We're making plans for mentoring and education sponsorship programs for children whose families cannot afford to give them an education, and help children who work to continue their education.
  • We support communities in attaining access to clean water and sustainable food supplies.
  • We have added food distribution to those in need.
  • We are helping individuals with both medical issues and entrepreneurship dreams.

Living conditions in Nkoranza     Berekum water supply

Above are some photos of Ghana, taken while one of our Board members was there. The image on the left shows some of the living conditions in Nkoranza; on the right, how villagers from just outside of Berekum got water for cooking, bathing, cleaning and drinking. 

Here is a link to a village called Ndasamin where we finished a bore hole. This video was taken before the drilling.     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsGHqylJpp0



Below are photos of an emergency relief effort IHM did in Blekusu. The people of the village, about 600 adults and children, were displaced by a massive flood, and for a few weeks they had to live on the side of the road, or at the school, with no food. With Fr. Patrick Asamoah's help, we were able to distribute enough food and supplies to carry them through until they were able to return home or find another place to live.


Maize and gari being distributed Adults and children lining up for food Villagers waiting for the food distribution to begin, with Fr. Patrick standing nearby.

We received a donation of two Ford vans from a donor in the US. We shipped the vans to Ghana to be converted into school buses to pick up children that usually have to walk many miles to and from school. Below are the results. I can only say that the parents and children were beyond happy, once they finally saw the buses pull up to pick up the children for school! The best part was that it was very inexpensive for the conversion, only $1500.00 per van for repairs, seats and new paint. Each newly converted van can seat 22 children and on an average day they make 2 trips each way, delivering up to 44 students to school.


One of the before shots of the vans The new red school buses!

Here are some pictures of students building staff living quarters at the Father Dogli Memorial Trade School (FDMTS). All of the materials were supplied by Lewis Ranieri, a donor in Long Island, NY, together with IHM. Lewis has done some wonderful work by supplying much needed tools and other equipment for the students at the school, which enabled them to do the project from start to finish. This project cost about $18,000 U.S to complete, and will house 2 families that work at the school full time.


Building staff quarters for 2 families. Building staff quarters for 2 families. The completed staff quarters