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Thursday, February 25, 2021
 Agrculture Minimize

70 miles north of the Fr. Dogli Memorial Trade School (FDMTS) are over 20 acres of farmland which were donated for the use of the agriculture students at the school. They are successfully planting and growing yams and casava (a staple in most households). After the first harvest which is approximately 3 months after planting, the yams will feed the children at the school, create jobs for the new graduates and generate much needed income for the school itself.

Produce being delivered to the Father Dogli Memorial Trade School (FDMTS)Produce being delivered to the Father Dogli Memorial Trade School
 Progress on Farming Project Minimize
Students and a teacher from FDMTS at the mounds after seeds have been planted. Newly turned earth at the yam farm. New hope at the yam farm
Student stands among the new plants New plants growing Student harvests the new bounty

We started this program on April 10th of 2009 by planting over 1,600 seeds for yam and cassava plants. We have harvested these plants many times since then, and have used seedlings for additional farming on the 20 acres across the road which we were able to acquire. By June of 2010 we had over 8,000 yam and casava plants ready to harvest, and by March of 2011 we had 20,000 yam and cassava plants! Today there are over 25,000 plants, all from the original seeds. This has enabled the school to reduce their food expenditures by over 25%. (Previously, leftover food from the refugee center was needed to help feed the students.) In addition, jobs were created, and the school can now sell some produce for additional capital to cover operating costs. And all of the farming is done by the teachers and agriculture students at FDMTS!

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We are currently seeking sponsors to help the people in this northern section of Ghana who are struggling, with limited farming abilities, for their very survival. We would like to build an agricultural school here to teach the over 800,000 people in this area that need help. Please e-mail me at for more information on how you can help us help them!


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