"He defended the cause of the poor and needy, and so all went well.

Is that not what it means to know me?" declares the LORD.

Jeremiah 22:16

Welcome to International Help of Missionaries. In 2008, IHM was established on the principals and direction of missionaries who serve in developing countries. Missionaries who have given their lives to serve and help the poor, uneducated and those who lack hope for a better life.

Our goal is to supply these dedicated men and women the necessary resources to achieve their goals above and beyond their expectations and enable those less fortunate in the world to begin a new frontier of hope. Our current programs create opportunities, through education, for children and young adults to become productive, innovative and self-sustaining faith driven adults in their communities and villages. They can become beacons of light and hope for the world around them, now and into the future. International Help of Missionaries is nonsectarian and helps all people in great need throughout the world.  100% of your donations go directly to help the program of your choice! We do not use any portion of your donation for overhead, salaries or expenses. We are a completely volunteer organization.


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Projects Listing for 2023 with Updates... Projects Listing for 2023 with Updates...

Projects Listing for 2023 with Updates...

New Projects budgeted for 2023 include 17 water projects, a new school, and domestic programs!

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Below is a list of projects that are budgeted for this year so far. We will update this list as new priorities develop throughout the year.  WATER PROJECTS 1. Katanga - Oti Region - completed 2. Asesewa - Eastern Region - in process 3. Adzonkor - Volta Region - in process 4. Bishop Herman College - Volta Region - in process 5. Bejamse - Oti Region - in process 6. Kpando School - Volta Region - in procesxs 7. Dambai - Oti Region - in process OTHER DIRE NEEDS:  1. Seminary Solar System.  2. Three-Classroom Block for New Edubiase...
The Intervention of IHM into the Life of Patience a wonderful success... The Intervention of IHM into the Life of Patience a wonderful success...

The Intervention of IHM into the Life of Patience a wonderful success...

How one person success leads to helping a community and becomes a role model and leader for current and future generatrions!

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 In 2008 when IHM was started as a charity I was introduced to Patience by Fr Cletus Forson who was running the Father Dogli Vocational/Technical school in Ghana where I started a student sponsorship program for the school as many parents of the students could not afford the school fees.



COVID FOOD Distribution COVID FOOD Distribution

COVID FOOD Distribution

About three hundred and fifty parishioners plus five different parishes within the Berekum Deanery as well as two different religious...
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Our projects  are helping people in, Ghana, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda and the United States. 

Silenadre is located in the Ziope area, and has a population of approximately 300. The town folks were trekking about a kilometer and a half to fetch water from the dam which has completely dried up. Now they are traveling 6km to access water and travel by motorcycle.

Akukorkpo and Kopedeka are in the Mafi area. Water is collected from unsafe sources. Water dugouts which are small and discolored Children are the most affected, sadly mothers do not have a choice but use it as drinking water for the children which is unboiled. These towns have a population of 200 and 150 respectively.


International Help Of Missionaries has now helped over 200,000 people with clean water since 2011 when we started our water programs!


Please donate to your favorite project through Paypal. 100% of your donation goes directly t the people that need it!


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"I was Thirsty and You Gave Me a Drink."

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IHM is a registered 501c/3 charity. All donations are 100% tax deductible.
100% of donations are used for charitable purposes.

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