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Thursday, February 25, 2021
 Fr. Cletus Forson Minimize

Fr. Cletus Forson completed his Doctorate in Education in New York City in 2008 at St. John's University and currently runs an educational facility for the training and placement of 190 students in Ghana.

The school focuses on farming, secretarial skills, carpentry, mechanical and computer training for its students. The school is also a dormitory for 123 resident students, with over 400 meals served daily. This facility needs repair and supplies.

In addition to books, curricular resources and tools, Fr. Cletus is also seeking funds for a small truck or SUV to deliver medical supplies and aid to remote areas where there are no doctors or clinics. These vehicles will be manned by trained missionaries from the Parish Center.

Fr Cletus Forson with some students of FDMTS
Fr. Cletus Forson with some students of FDMTS
 Fr. Ernest Amoako Minimize

Fr. Ernest Amoako received his Master's Degree in Education Administration here in the US and returned to Ghana in November of 2008. He will oversee St. Francis of Assisi which has about 400 pre-school, elementary and jr. high school students in the Diocese of Koforidua. Currently, his concentration is on the elementary and jr. high schools, which need immediate assistance. Some of the schools in rural areas require writing desks and materials (books, pens, etc.), renovations and even new classrooms conducive to teaching and learning.

In some places, the communities have no potable drinking water. Students have to walk miles for untreated water, which affects their health and studies. Some brilliant students eventually drop out of school even at the very early stages of their schooling because their parents cannot afford the tuition fees. If some kind of financial assistance could be given, most would be able to graduate and have a better life.

With some assistance the children of Koforudia will be able to provide for themselves and their families.

 Msgr. Vincent Antie and Fr Francis Perry Azah Minimize

Monsignor Vincent Antie attended the Athenaeum of Ohio seminary in the United States for over two years. During that time he was called back to Jasikan, Ghana to receive his investment as Monsignor. He is one of only two monsignors in his diocese.

Msgr. Vincent completed his classes in February of 2009 and received his Master's degree in Counseling in October of that year. He has since returned to Jasikan, Ghana to work at the Formation Center as a counselor.


Fr. Francis Perry Azah completed his Doctorate in Pastoral Counseling from Fordham University, New York in 2012. His main interest is in working with women and children who are underprivileged and vulnerable in society. As a pastor he founded the Widows and Orphans Association in his home diocese of Ho in Ghana, and even while here in the U.S. he organized for some school buses and equipment to be sent home.

Currently, he is looking for assistance for communities in his area that do not have potable water. The inadequate access to potable water has a major impact on the people, and the school children in particular. Girls are forced to spend the greater part of their time in search of water and are unable to attend school. As a result the girls in these communities are being marginalized in terms of education and socioeconomic opportunities. The provision of potable water would enhance the education of the children in general and would allow women to engage in other economic ventures for the growth of their families.

Fr. Perry is also looking for people to help fund the education of some brilliant but needy children in Atikpui in Ghana. This would go a long way towards changing the futures of these children.

Pictured are villagers fetching water before the Atikpui Water Project began. We have completed this project and drilled a mechanized bore hole.

Pictured are villagers from Fr. Perry's district fetching water before the Atikpui Water Project began. We have completed this project and drilled a mechanized bore hole.

 Dogli Memorial Trade School Minimize

Students study into the evenings. Frequent outages in the supply of electricity can last from a few hours to a few days or even weeks. Back-up generators to provide supplemental power are non-existent in most rural communities.

Students study into the evenings

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