Fr. Ernest Amoako
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Fr. Ernest Amoako

Fr. Ernest Amoako received his Master's Degree in Education Administration here in the US and returned to Ghana in November of 2008. He will oversee St. Francis of Assisi which has about 400 pre-school, elementary and jr. high school students in the Diocese of Koforidua. Currently, his concentration is on the elementary and jr. high schools, which need immediate assistance. Some of the schools in rural areas require writing desks and materials (books, pens, etc.), renovations and even new classrooms conducive to teaching and learning.

In some places, the communities have no potable drinking water. Students have to walk miles for untreated water, which affects their health and studies. Some brilliant students eventually drop out of school even at the very early stages of their schooling because their parents cannot afford the tuition fees. If some kind of financial assistance could be given, most would be able to graduate and have a better life.

With some assistance the children of Koforudia will be able to provide for themselves and their families.


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