We are in Desperate Need of Help With Clinic in Likpe Bakwa
Richard Tracy
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We are in Desperate Need of Help With Clinic in Likpe Bakwa

Thanks to the support of our partners on this project, the Carter Center and Sahara Oil, the repairs are completed and new bathrooms have been installed.The clinic, which was built and commissioned in the 1960s, had not seen any major rehabilitation work or replacement of obsolete or broken equipment for over ten years. The people of Likpe Bakwa and the entire Likpe traditional area would be highly appreciative and thankful if the following needs could be provided to the Center to facilitate and enhance its operation:

  1. Ambulance
  2. Stand-by generator
  3. Rehabilitation of the water system in the hospital including the borehole mechanization to a reservoir to supply water to the hospital. As of now, all the washrooms/bathrooms are not operational because there is no water as such at the Health Center. The mechanized borehole of the Center has not being in good condition for so many years now. This makes the work very difficult for the Health superintendent in-charge and the nurses at the Center. Due to this water problem and the lack of equipments many nurses/workers sent to the Center are reluctant to go and work in the Center.  COMPLETED
  4. Beds are in severely needed. There is a 50-bed capacity for the Center but presently there are only 5 old beds.
  5. Incinerator to help manage waste at the Center. With no incinerator the waste from the center is dumped at a particular site and is polluting the stream which is a major source of water for the inhabitants of Likpe Bakwa, especially during the raining season.
  6. Wheelchairs
  7. Mower(s) and grass cutters to weed and trim flowers at the Center
  8. Basic equipment for the lab and for taking blood pressure
  9. Operational Theater

As of now we have the following staff at the Center:One Chief Superintendent; one general nurse; two midwives of which one is on contract and could leave the Center at any time; four community health nurses; four other assistants; and two laborers.The beneficiaries are people of the Likpe traditional area, the Ewli traditional area, and also people from the neighboring country of Togo, especially the refugees. As of now the average daily attendance is between 100 and 120 patients; low when compared to the recent past. This low attendance is due to the poor condition of the hospital. Anyone who is sick and needs a referral has to find his/her own means of transport and this complicates the problem of the patient's and their family. In fact, during the farming season there is even more pressure on the staff of the Center. Unfortunately the Center, which was established at the heart of a farming community, lacks even anti-snake venom injections. When someone is bitten by a snake, the person may die if he/she does not quickly get a passenger vehicle to be conveyed to the nearest district hospital for treatment. Please contact me if you would like to help with this project. We desperately need assistance to fund this clinic, acquire additional beds and equipment listed above asap!


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